Worthy successor of Jélyotte

A few days ago, the Opéra Comique presented (in a live-broadcast on Medici.tv) a new production of Titon et l’Aurore, an opéra-ballet in French style à la Jean-Philippe Rameau, set to music by Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville. The male title-role was written for Pierre Jélyotte, the tenor-star of the Académie royal de musique at that time who sang the world-premiere in 1753. As Jélyotte’s worthy successor Reinoud Van Mechelen excels in this role showcasing his impressively wide vocal range which guides him up to the high E (even in the high pitch of 400 Hz!) within his act III arietta.

Unanimous accolades from the press, as evidenced by Resmusica (20.01.21):  „Reinoud Van Mechelen, the stylite of the current baroque-music-section, is the persuasive performer of the male title-role with explicit enunciation, thrilling heroic attitude and precise stylistic accuracy.” Forumopera adds (21.01.21): “He easily tackles the virtuosic challenges towards the end with lion-hearted, sort of Rossini-like virility … just as he surmounts the heartbreaking aria of caducity and the ardour of love in act I. He is coming off as the great winner from this evening!” No less enthusiasm from Diapason (21.01.21): “ … Reinoud Van Mechelen, the brave Titon with radiant timbre, flawless vocal technique and phenomenal phrasing”. And finally Musicologie.org  (20.01.21): „Reinoud Van Mechelen is overwhelming in his grand heroic hymn to love at the very end, revealing himself as the most valiant of the current houte-contres (high tenors)”.

The production of Titon et l’Aurore at the Opéra Comique remains available in replay through April 19th, 2021 under this link.