Moments of bliss with Contessa in Metz

In the middle of a season wrecked by an interminable series of production-cancellations due to the covid restrictions, each production having the chance to take place (regardless whether with an audience in the theatre or without) must be highly valued, as it is the only option for the artists to fulfil their profession in its entity. Which is essential for them as likewise for top-ranking athletes, because of strictly claiming their discipline and practice every single day. Under the given difficult circumstances we are particularly happy that Perrine Madoeuf is currently rehearsing Contessa Almaviva in a new-production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro at the Metz Opera. Provided the virus will permit it, the opening-night is scheduled for April 9, 2021 (with or without an audience).


Update on 6.04.21: due to the safety context, this production has unfortunately been cancelled during the rehearsals and might be postponed to a later season.