Singer Soprano

Natalia Zagorinskaya


Salzburg Contemporary

Salzburg Festival does no more understand itself as a luxury festivity of the established stage- and concert-repertory only. With the series “Salzburg Contemporary” the festival meanwhile puts a focus on the music of the present age too.  Hungarian composer György Kurtág who turned 90 earlier this year gets his birthday-celebration within this concert series of Salzburg Festival 2016. And who could be more eligible to care for his celebration artistically and vocally than Natalia Zagorinskaya?

The Russian soprano, an expert of contemporary music and having been dedicated several vocal compositions – among these also a cycle by György Kurtág – is giving her Salzburg Festival debut with The Messages of late Miss R. V. Troussova, a sequence of 21 poems by Rimma Dalos set to music by Kurtág in 1981. Natalia Zagorinskaya has already sung this highly challenging cycle in various musical metropolises with great success. However, the performance at Salzburg Festival joining the Klangforum Wien conducted by Sylvain Cambreling is an outstandingly honourable occasion.

Details concerning the concert at Salzburg Festival on August 6th, 2016

Short excerpt from the Kurtág-Cycle in the audio-clips

Kurtág in Madrid

The versatile Russian soprano Natalia Zagorinskaya is considered to be an exquisite expert of the late 20th and the 21st century vocal art, especially for the music of the Hungarian composer György Kurtág. As an ambassadress of his works she has been frequently travelling throughout Europe and the US. Particularly 2016, the year in which Kurtág celebrated his 90th birthday gala-concerts are taking place all over the world which Natalia Zagorinskaya is frequently and happily joining.

On May 11th, 2016 she is singing Kurtágs cycle Messages of the late Miss Troussova accompanied by the Madrid Plural Ensemble under the baton of Fabián Panisello at the chamber-hall of the Madrid Auditorio Nacional de Música. Natalia Zagorinskaya will perform this song-cycle within this year’s Salzburg Festival too.