Facundo Agudin


Facundo Agudin

Facundo Agudin finds a form of synthesis of the musician he is through his orchestra "Musique des Lumières" which is based in the region of Basel. Being a polyglot globe trotter who enriches his experience with a permanent exchange between his country of origine, Argentina, and the European music that he knows thoroughly (his academic studies of medieval music are a precious know-how to him), and being open to all repertoires (from ancient music to the music of today), not deterring from putting them together in one same programme, Facundo Agudin searches the sincerity of musical expression while always being a humble servant to the partition he wants to bring alive. Thanks to his education as a singer and his solid experience in choir singing, he has a particular sensitivity for lyric art and reminds us that the direction of an orchestra also means the art of knowing to accompany the singers.

March 2021


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