Elisabeth Attl


On a fateful ground

An Austria-Concert at a very special venue and on a very special day: Sarajevo, nowadays the capital and seat of government of the federal State of Bosnia-Herzegovina is an especially for Austria fateful ground due to the assassination of the heir to the throne in 1914. It takes an explicit commitment to the home country of Austria for granted to give such concert with an Austria-reference there and even more on Mozart’s birthday.
Elisabeth Attl is definitely one of the most qualified representatives for such assignment. For her Sarajevo-Concert she has chosen a program which could not be more Austrian: An overture by Johann Strauß II will be followed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s violin-concert, Johanna Doderer’s Heather-Waltz and finally Mozart’s Jupiter-Symphony. The concert at the Sarajevo National Theatre with the Sarajevska Filhamonija and the soloist Nandor Szederkenyi will start at 8.00 pm on January 27th 2017.
All details concerning the concert

War and Peace

The remembrance of World War I a hundred years ago and of the end of World War II seventy years ago picks War and Peace out as a central theme of most different artistic projects in many places. This years’s Festival at the Irish city of Clonmel presents its opening concert under the baton of Elisabeth Attl on July 3rd, 2015 intentionally unlimited in both geographic and stylistic sense.

Joined by local vocal soloists and the RTÉ ConTempo Quartet, the Festival Choir performs a programme which includes music by Beethoven, Britten, Fauré and Shostakovitch next to songs by John Lennon, Irish and British war-songs and a world-premiere of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Sauseng. Elisabeth Attl, the de facto music director of Clonmel in Ireland, already conducted masses by Schubert and Haydn as well as a performance of Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice there receiving thundering applause by audience and press.  Irish choir tradition and Austrian musical accurateness - obviously a best possible match!


Mrs. Ambassador of the Austrian Music in Albania

It does not happen for the first time that Elisabeth Attl appears as cultural ambassador of Austria at the conductor’s rostrum in one of the former Ottoman countries on the European continent. However, it is taking place for the first time in Albania’s capital Tirana. The maestra conducts the Albanian Radio Symphony Orchestra which bears in the national language the official name Orkestra Simfonike e RTSH Tirana. Announcement of the Orchestra

The concert takes place at the concert hall of the University of Arts on May 22nd 2015 at 7.00 pm. It presents an ambitious program with Austrian contemporary and romantic music as frame for Sergey Prokofjev’s 3rd piano-concert played by the Albanian pianist Amir Xhakoviq. The second part of the concert contains Schubert’s “Unfinished Symphony” from 1822, the opening of the concert is Johanna Doderer’s “A waltz” from 2013. Homepage of the female composer Johanna Doderer

Unfinished an yet accomplished

In most of the cases, there is a reason why a piece was not or could not be finished. The case of Franz Schubert differs a bit; who would deny the perfection of his symphony in B minor D 759 that consists of only two movements and is commonly known as the “unfinished symphony”? Combined with Schubert’s overture in the Italian style D 590 and the symphony fragment D 729, the concert programme is very unusual, just after conductor Elisabeth Attl’s fancy.

Austrian Delights at the KotorArt festival - Contrast and unity

In its over six weeks ongoing programme, the Montenegrin KotorArt festival unites nearly all forms of art with a special consideration of the youth. It is conceived as presentation of art in all its diversity and at the same time wants to inspire artistic creativity and discuss special programmes with concrete topics. Homepage of the festival

Under this aspect, the title of the concert programme "Austrian Delights" could be misunderstood as culinary trifle. This, however, is not at all the intention of the festival direction and Elisabeth Attl, the conductor of the concert. It is, on the contrary, a thorough investigation of the primal "Austrianishness" both from the time of the Wiener Klassik and from the music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

At the festival's concert on 7 August 2014, Johanna Doderer's composition "Mondsee" in its version for strings as well as Hans Gál's string serenade, Joseph Haydn's violin concerto in G major (soloist: Lydia Baich) and Wolfgang A. Mozart's divertimento in B flat major will be played. An appealing parenthesis that symbolises both contrast and unity. In the last few years, Elisabeth Attl has established herself as ambassador of exigent concert programmes that exhibit and let discover the diversity and style of the Austrian repertoire. The Viennese Elisabeth Attl does not shy away from contrasts off the usual programmes and engages herself passionately for contemporary compositions and composers such as Johanna Doderer, the great-niece of the author of the same name, who is known as one of the main representatives of today's Austrian composer scene in various genres. Webpage of the composer Johanna Doderer

Likewise diverse was the work by Hans Gál two generations prior to Doderer . The serenade for strings of Hans Gál, born in Lower Austria, dates from the year 1937 and therefore stems from the time just before the annexation of Austria to Hilter-Germany. Gáls compositions are in their way a kind of commitment to the Austria of the 20th century whose destiny has also strongly affected Gál's personal history. Webpage of the composer Hans Gál

To listen to Haydn and Mozart in this surrounding, offers a special provocation of contrast, but also the awareness of historical succession.

Montenegro has a short but ambivalent historical bond with the ancient Austria, since after the occupation of the K&K army it belonged to the Habsburg monarchy during the last two years of the Great War. Today, Montenegro nourishes the cultural diversity of Europe  in a cosmopolitan way and with special dedication, accordingly to its wish to become a member country of the European Union. The picturesque city of Kotor is one of the World Heritage Sites.

The return of the Amazons

Last season's scenic representations of the opera "Talestri - Regina delle Amazzoni" by the composer Maria Antonia Walpurgis in Vienna were celebrated as a veritable discovery. Reason enough for the Kosmostheater to show this successful production again on 11, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 20 October 2013.