Singer Soprano

Cornelia Götz


Abduction, kidnapping, captivity

When Martin Kusej’s staging of Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio premiered in Aix en Provence 2015, the radical demonstration of cruelty in the sense of nowadays terrorism caused a feeling of unease. However, what the world experienced since then confirms Kusej’s conviction that the conciliation of an enlightened Bassa Selim is no longer possible in our days. The Teatro Comunale di Bologna presents this by all means extreme reading of Mozart’s Singspiel opening on January 20th 2017 and starring Cornelia Götz in one of her prime-roles as Constanze.

She already performed this part within numerous stage-productions at various leading German theatres as well as in Vienna, Montpellier, Tour and Aix en Provence. The performance-series in Bologna sees the Danish-Israeli violinist and conductor Nicolaj Znaider at the conductor’s stand.

All dates of performances

Mozart belongs to the world!

Cornelia Götz is busy again as a Mozartian ambassadress. At the atmospheric, historic opera-house of the French city of Tours she is singing the role of Constance in Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio on February 26th and 28th as well as on March 1st, 2016. Having already caused a furore when singing the difficult part with the three challenging arias at various German and Austrian theatres, she has created this role also in France before:  At the Aix-en-Provence Festival in 2007 and with the Montpellier Opera in 2013.

At the Opéra de Tours the artist meets a tenor from Hungary, a bass from Germany, a stage-director from Switzerland and a conductor from Austria next to French partners. Mozart truly belongs to the world!

Of highest note

When speaking of the central repertoire of a coloratura soprano, besides the roles of  the Queen of the night, Konstanze, Olympia and Zerbinetta, also Fiakermilli of Richard Strauss's "Arabella" is to be considered. It is this last role that until now had been missing in the spectrum of record-breaking Cornelia Götz who occupies a special position amongst the singers with her over 800 performances as Mozart's flaming Queen. This is the reason why the artist, born near Stuttgart, celebrates her long time overdue debut at the "Arabella" premiere in Nürnberg. The general musical director Marcus Bosch will conduct, Andreas Baesler is the stage director and Ekaterina Godovanets will sing the title role. After the premiere on 1 February 2014, there will be further representations until 7 May 2014 at the Staatstheater Nürnberg. 

Fiakermilli is a historical figure from the monarchic Vienna of the 19th century. Her trill and vocal cascades were a sensation at numerous events. Richard Strauss made a virtuosic jewel out of this real character and destined it for an outstanding singer – such as Cornelia Götz is one.