Second solo-album

In 2016 the label Alpha Classics released „Erbarme Dich“, Reinoud Van Mechelen’s first album with his newly founded ensemble a nocte temporis.

It was unanimously acclaimed by the press, for example by the French music-magazine Classica which awarded a „Choc Classica“ to the album describing it as „A Bach-recording blessed by the gods“. Reinoud Van Mechelen’s second release is now again treading new ground, the choice of repertory being utterly uncommon, but following a most particular intellectual and highly individual resolution. Our Belgian Tenor decided to put Louis-Nicolas Clérambault in his true light. The great, however less-known French composer from the 18th century had significantly contributed to the development of the French cantata. Reinoud considers his cantatas to be real miniature operas which he would like to prove together with Anna Besson (flute), Emmanuel Resche-Caserta (violin), Myriam Rignol (viola da gamba) and Benjamin Alard (harpsichord and organ).

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