Perfect Paris debut

Julien Behr made a few days ago his Paris Debut in Reynaldo Hahn's Ciboulette (Antonin) at the Opéra Comique, staged by Michel Fau under the baton of Laurence Equilbey. His performance was unanimously acclaimed by the critics.

According to Le Journal du Dimanche, "the young tenor Julien Behr is impressive in the role of a rich and touching simpleton" (17.02.13). Le Figaro praises a "first class cast: Julien Behr's Antonin is clumsy and touching" (18.02.13). La Croix confirms: "Julien Behr gives his Antonin, totally overwhelmed by the circumstances, a clumsy grace which works wonders" (18.02.13). adds "The young Antonin of Julien Behr renders a fine way and with a beautiful singing line the character of a bashful lover with the enthousiasm of the youth and the naivety of a simpleton at last rewarded" (19.02.13). The vocal performance is also emphasized by The New York Times pointing out "a sweet yet gleaming tenor voice" (19.02.13) and by The Financial Time enthousiastically reviewing "Julien Behr's pristine tenor is perfect" (19.02.13).

18 February 2013