On a fateful ground

An Austria-Concert at a very special venue and on a very special day: Sarajevo, nowadays the capital and seat of government of the federal State of Bosnia-Herzegovina is an especially for Austria fateful ground due to the assassination of the heir to the throne in 1914. It takes an explicit commitment to the home country of Austria for granted to give such concert with an Austria-reference there and even more on Mozart’s birthday.
Elisabeth Attl is definitely one of the most qualified representatives for such assignment. For her Sarajevo-Concert she has chosen a program which could not be more Austrian: An overture by Johann Strauß II will be followed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s violin-concert, Johanna Doderer’s Heather-Waltz and finally Mozart’s Jupiter-Symphony. The concert at the Sarajevo National Theatre with the Sarajevska Filhamonija and the soloist Nandor Szederkenyi will start at 8.00 pm on January 27th 2017.
All details concerning the concert