Offenbach in Cologne

The Offenbach-year persists in the birthplace of the great composer, the creator of the genre operetta. The Cologne Opera met the auspicious decision to revive the delightful production of Barkouf ou un chien au pouvoir from the Opéra de Rhin in Strasbourg which caused a big splash there end of last year. Patrick Kabongo is again performing the role of Saëb in Cologne after having already dominated the production in Strasbourg and Mulhouse with this part.

By the way, our brilliant Rossini-tenor rejoined the Rossini Festival in Wildbad this summer performing in the new-production of Tancredi. Delightedly we can forward the following press-excerpt referring to this production:

´Patrick Kabongo’s Argirio was impeccable. Within no more than three years his promising voice has both unclosed and strengthened which enables him to perform now playfully and with virtuosity what concerns suppleness and vocal expansion. As on top of everything also engaging totally in the creation of the stage-character, this gains a human power which merges almost naturally with the singing. The da-capos get ornamented, the high-notes are mastered with ease, his vocal control is delectable and astounding. Big ovation, barely less than what is granted to Diana Haller. After such musical and vocal happiness-moments, one leaves the performance of a tragedy even with a smile.´ (, 25.07.2019 /fr)

Opening-night of Barkouf in Cologne on October 12th, 2019

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