Inauguration-premiere and return to the historic theatre

After five years of restoration, a time in which more than 20 temporary performance venues needed to be used, the ensemble of the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre finally returns to the historic, now lustrously shining home-building. The opening-premiere on October 19th 2017 with Lehárs operetta The Merry Widdow could neither be more appropriate to the venue nor more adequate what concerns the repertory. The production will be under the baton of new principal-conductor Anthony Bramall and the stage-direction comes from Josef Köpplinger, the director of the company himself.

The inauguration-premiere means for Lucian Krasznec his first appearance at this theatre too, as he joined the Gärtnerplatz-ensemble only last season. The famous tenor-tune of the rosebud therefore opens his first season directly at the Gärtnerplatz, where his role-debuts as Lyonel in Flotow‘s Martha and as Baron Kronthal in Lortzing’s The Poacher will follow soon.
This way Lucian Krasznec succeeds legendary predecessors and great idols within their famous repertory.

More information concerning the re-opening of the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre
and concerning the new-production of Lehár’s The Merry Widdow