From Elsagrin to Le Prophète!

With the new-production of Lohengrin in St Gallen Vincent Boussard and his team (Vincent Lemaire - set design, Christian Lacroix and Robert Schweighofer - costume design, Guido Levi - light design and Francis Hüsers - dramaturgy) caused a big splash for the opening of the St Gallen opera season. A summary of press-cuts.

"Vincent Boussard who presented a remarkable interpretation of Richard Strauss’ Salome in St Gallen four years ago, now beneficially interprets Lohengrin from a woman-perspective" (Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 26.10.16). "The feminine in every human is the over-all leading motive of this Lohengrin-interpretation at the St Gallen Theatre staged by Vincent Boussard who thus truly accelerates the Wagner-maintenance in the East of Switzerland. Much to the pleasure of the audience as one could read from the intense final applause at the Saturday-night-opening" (St Galler Tagblatt, 24.10.16). The review within the Voralberger Nachrichten is no less enthusiastic (25.10.16): "Vincent Boussard focuses on the character of Elsa: Not Lohengrin but Elsagrin. The great achievement of this staging is to transfer the ambiguity of the plot into a visual interpretation of equal standing.”  The Südkurier also expresses conviction (25.10.16): "Vincent Boussard manages with his staging to disprove Wagner’s image of women cleverly“. contributes (24.10.16): "A performance with a long lasting effect“. And finally the remarks as published in Der Landbote (02.11.16): "The opera should necessarily be titled Elsa, expressed Vincent Boussard. If having intended to make her recognizable as a man’s projection, an ideal of a passive female character as changed into a chrysalis, and even if having overdone from time to time, he managed to create Elsa’s character appropriately“.

For the conclusion of the current season Vincent Boussard will be staging an opera premiered in 1849 - one year before Lohengrin - and written by a composer who had a great influence on Richard Wagner: Giacomo Meyerbeer’s Le Prophète which will open at the Essen Aalto-Theatre on April 9, 2017. All dates of performances