Fidelio in St. Gallen

Jan Schmidt-Garre is back as a guest at the St. Gallen Theatre where he continues exploring the German opera-repertory: Following Korngold’s Die tote Stadt in St. Gallen and Strauss’ Arabella in Leipzig, he focuses now on the staging of Beethoven’s one and only opera Fidelio.

At the outset of his career Jan Schmidt-Garre made a name for himself as a movie director concentrating on topics in the field of music. Already the 1999 release of his documentary-film "Opera Fanatic" received enthusiastic acclaim from all sides of the opera world. He has meanwhile arrived at a number of 15 documentary films with the subject of music, however mostly focussing on vocal art. The next upcoming project which he is just arranging concerns an opera of virtual reality called „360° Figaro“.

Opening-night of Fidelio in St. Gallen on March 15, 2018. All dates of performances.