Debut in Hamburg

Sébastien Rouland continues to conquer Germany. Right after conducting a series of The Magic Flute at the Berlin Staatsoper, he is making his debut at the Hamburg Staatsoper with an exciting revival: Almira is not only Haendel’s first opera, but was premiered in Hamburg during the time in which the young composer from Halle was making his living as a violinist within the Hamburg opera-orchestra. He just turned 20 in 1705 and no less than 40 further operas set to music by Haendel should still follow.

At this occasion one needs to remember that the Hamburg Opera, founded already in 1678, was the first public and therefore open to everyone German opera-theatre, only a few decades after the first Italian public opera-house, the Teatro San Cassiano in Venice, which opened in 1637.

Almira-performances as from May 11, 2017. All dates of performances.