Carmen in Montpellier

Right after her Charlotte in Massenet’s Werther at the Opéra du Rhin in Strasbourg, Anaïk Morel appears as Carmen at the Opéra de Montpellier.

Let’s still remain with her Charlotte at the Opéra du Rhin (two more performances to follow at La Filature in Mulhouse on March 2nd and 4th), a production which was widely commented in press and media. You will find some press-quotes below (in fact detailed reports, however, what should be left aside?):

„Mezzo-soprano Anaïk Morel expresses the complexity of Charlotte’s character in gesture and voice. No matter whether she scrunches Christmas baubles, crouches down on the floor in foetal curl, or whether she breaks free in high dudgeon from Albert’s imposed embrace, nothing detracts the clearness of her articulation or her vocal power. These are even more increased due to her profound low register in the moment when being enforcedly separated from Werther, due to her powerful high notes when getting discouraged and due to her shattering vocal colour when recollecting her mother’s death.“ (Ölyrix)

„As Charlotte – whose role is very much spotlighted here - Anaïk Morel’s richly coloured timbre serves for an extremely profound embodiment of the character.“ (

„French mezzo-soprano Anaïk Morel possesses a well-balanced and gorgeous timbre as well as an impressing vocal power and volume. One may not be disappointed, if her vocal line is not always fully harmonious, but her Charlotte owns a most serious sensuality which makes the destructive passion of the title-hero even more credible. We are awaiting eagerly her Carmen in Montpellier next month. Her glowing timbre and her temperament should make her an ideal heroine of Bizet’s masterpiece.“ (

„After having given her role-debut in Klagenfurt recently, Anaïk Morel is a deeply moving and fully committed Charlotte. Her timbre is compelling, well-rounded and mellifluous, exquisite and warm in the low register.“ (Resmusica)

„The cast consists of fresh and young singers who are sustaining the success of this production. Anaïk Morel’s interpretation of the role of Charlotte, likewise fervent and coy when expressing her love, needs to be held in high esteem. The lovely vocal projection of her aria „Va, laisse couler mes larmes“ is emotionally moving without any unduly vibrato.“ (Wanderer)

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