The caliph’s daughter in German romanticism

For the German high romanticism the Orient created a beloved setting for the mysterious and unknown. Carl Maria von Weber did also not manage to resist this fashion flow and decided on the Oberon-topic being summarized from different text sources when meeting the choice for his last stage-project. Rezia, the daughter of the caliph from Bagdad and her knight Hüon from Bordeaux need to survive various examinations and blows of fate before being finally brought together by the fairy king. The main reason why Weber’s opera is only rarely performed is the outstanding vocal demand of the two dramatic main-roles.

The Cologne Opera had special reasons to decide on this venture which can be experienced at the Staatenhouse located at the Cologne Rhine-Park: On the one hand the new built Cologne Opera House was opened with this opera in 1957 which means exactly 60 years ago. On the other hand an exquisite cast of the challenging parts could be found, above all Kristiane Kaiser as Rezia. She is extremely experienced with Weber’s style – especially as Agathe in Der Freischütz – and as having proceeded to Wagner and Strauss meanwhile, her role debut as Rezia apparently comes in the right moment of her constantly developing career. Opening night: March 11th, 2017

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