An utterly precarious piece

Though the operetta The Gypsy Baron by Johann Strauß is musically a real masterpiece of the genre, any staged production equals a precarious endeavour due to subject and plot. Too delicate are the folkloristic warmongering and the stereotype of gypsy life, which may no more be appropriately denominated like this nowadays. Nevertheless the Vienna Volksoper and stage-director Peter Lund resolved to accomplish a new-production of the piece, certainly superb in originality of performed version and statement. Johann-Strauß-expert Alfred Eschwé is definitely the ideal maestro for the production, having already conducted all important standards from the waltz-king’s stage-repertory in numerous performances at his Vienna home-theatre. Right after the Vienna premiere-series he will conduct a revival of The Bat (Die Fledermaus) at the Cologne Opera.

The by all means opera-like challenges for the participating singers of the leading parts of The Gypsy Baron demand to have the top-class-artists of the Volksoper, among them Kristiane Kaiser giving her role-debut as Saffi within this production.

Opening-night on February 29th, 2020 with subsequent performances in changing vocal casts until early April.
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Subsumption of the press:
“Great compliment to Alfred Eschwé and the Volksoper-Orchestra: This is exactly how spirited Strauß needs to be played.”
(MDA / Falter 04.03.2020)