A totally new Verdi-part

Stage-performers are beyond all doubt constantly longing for new challenging tasks, the clever ones among them, however, always remain within the bounds of their optimal possibilities. Anja-Nina Bahrmann has given repeated proof of this perception by having resisted alluring proposals of new roles. However, she has never even tried to resist the role of Amalia in Verdi’s The Bandits (I masnadieri based on Schiller’s drama)! The part written by Verdi for the vocal and performing personality of the legendary Jenny Lind, goes perfectly together with the special talents of the versatile soprano.

After several decades the Vienna Volksoper resolved to mount Verdi’s early opera again, in accordance with the basic attitude of the house in German language. An excellent possibility for Anja-Nina Bahrmann to add another new role to her Verdi-repertory! Before appearing again as Violetta in La traviata later within the current season, she will celebrate her role-debut as Amalia on October 22nd, 2017. Further appearances with this role will take place on October 27th as well as November 1st, 15th and 23rd.

Further details concerning this production