A successful festival summer in Salzburg

After having participated regularly in different roles at the Salzburg festival since her debut in 2006, Eva Liebau was engaged there in two key roles for concert programmes in the summer of 2014. On the one hand, she sung sacred music by Wolfgang A. Mozart for the festival opening with the Ouverture spirituelle; on the other hand, she had the role of Inès by the sides of Elina Garanča and Juan Diego Flórez in the concert version of La Favorite by Gaetano Donizetti. 

“Special Moments were due to the soprano Eva Liebau. She interpreted the Agnus Dei (from the Coronation Mass by Mozart) with touching subtlety after already having scored with her perfect virtuosity in the coloraturas of Regina Coeli KV 108”, says drehpunktkultur.at, whereas Die Presse honored Eva Liebau as “victorious against masses of innumerous coloraturas” and also stated: “The heartiness with which she intoned the presentiment in the big countess’ aria of the Figaro in the Agnus Dei crowned the Coronation Mass and the forenoon in the right tone.”

The Salzburger Nachrichten judged Eva Liebau’s soprano voice in the Mozart piece as “tenderly radiant”, whereas her interpretation of Inès in Donizetti’s opera was praised as “high-ranking”.

La Favorite in concert version