Lied-Festival in a bucolic landscape

Marie-Claude Chappuis is never running out of ideas, vigour or organisational spirit! The “Festival du Lied” which she created in 2001 in her hometown Fribourg will happen this summer - inspired by the American cinema of the 1960-ies – in a „covid-compatible“ version as “drive-in”! Top-class artists from all over Switzerland will be performing in a bucolic landscape above Fribourg between July 25th and 31st, 2020. Marie-Claude Chappuis herself will be heading the final-concert on July 31st sharing the musical programme with Luca Pianca (lute), Duilio Galfetti (mandolin and violin), Christel Sautaux (accordion), Christophe Sturzenegger (horn und alphorn) as well as with young baritone Simon Ruffieux.

We join the enthusiasm of Forumopera having awarded “the Palm d’or of smartness” to Marie-Claude Chappuis for this inventive resourcefulness!