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Lucian Krasznec


The first Puccini

Diversity is possibly another word for repertoire-theatre. It sometimes happens in opera-companies like the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre that most varying assignments are meeting together within a close time frame. Thus happened to Lucian Krasznec who has been performing at his home-theatre lately as Lyonel (Martha), Baron Kronthal (The Poacher/Der Wildschütz), Rosillon (The Merry Widdow) and Leicester (Maria Stuarda) while already preparing intensely for an outstanding new operatic part: Within the opening-night of the new-production of La Bohème Lucian Krasznec will be singing his first Rodolfo and thereby also his first Puccini-role.

Following the premiere on March 28 the artist is also casted for the subsequent performance on March 30 as well as within the performance-series in July 2019. Further details concerning the Bohème-production at the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre

Opening-premiere of the Jubilee-season

120 years ago the new-built Vienna Volksoper was opened; as “Emperor-Jubilee-Municipal-Theatre” the house was initially dedicated to spoken drama. However, only 5 years later first steps towards music-theatre were taken which should henceforth dominate the fate of this house.

For the kick-off of the jubilee-season the theatre showcases a new-production of Emmerich Kálmán’s classic operetta The Csárdás Princess staged by Peter Lund and conducted by Alfred Eschwé. With reference to the prevailing circumstances of the world-premiere at the beginning of World War I, the production depicts a dance of the respectable society on a volcano. Elissa Huber performs the title-role of the demimonde-dancer Sylvia Varescu and Lucian Krasznec is her fateful lover Edwin Roland from a high-aristocratic family.

Following the opening-night of the new-production on September 16th, 2018 there are numerous further performances to follow until December of this year, however with changing casts.

Details concerning the Vienna-Volksoper-production

War zone between two queens

Already Friedrich von Schiller’s German Tudor-drama Maria Stuart sees the Count of Leicester politically and emotionally between the rivalling Queens of England and Scottland which is also the case in the Belcanto-opera with this plot. In his 1835 musical version of the Schiller-drama, Donizetti even aggravated the triangular relationship musically which transforms the Count of Leicester, civically named Robert Dudley, even more into an ambivalent stage-character. The absolutely demanding tenor-part is sometimes mistaken as just the linchpin of the altercation between the royal Belcanto-heroines. However, this is exactly what makes the creation of such a character a special challenge.

Lucian Krasznec meets this challenge when making his role-debut within the Munich new-production of Donizetti’s opera. He already made his first Donizetti-experience in Dortmund some years ago receiving excellent reviews for his Nemorino in L’elisir d’amore.The specialised press praised his “radiant timbre” (Opernnetz) as well as his “highly cultivated piano and brilliance” (Ruhr-Nachrichten) calling him a “heart-warming tenor” (WAZ). Lucian Krasznec can be seen and heard as Roberto, conte di Leicester in Maria Stuarda for the first time at the opening-night of the Munich Gärtnerplatztheater-production on March 22nd, 2018.

All dates of performances

Romantic opera with a live shot

The vocal demands of numerous Mozart-parts are often considered to be touchstones for lyric tenors. However, the corresponding roles within the German romantic opera also serve outstandingly well for the vocal hygiene. But where are the works by Flotow, Nicolai and Lortzing performed still today? Of course, at the Munich Gärtnerplatztheater, the home-stage of the entertaining musical theatre where the splendid cast of the revival of Flotow’s Martha raised a big splash only recently.

Such success may also be expected at the premiere of Lortzing’s The Poacher (Der Wildschütz) on January 20th, 2018. Lucian Kasznec performs as Baron Kronthal and will join this production again on February 11th, March 9th and April 17th, 2018.

Details concerning the new-production of the Munich Gärtnerplatztheater link

Inauguration-premiere and return to the historic theatre

After five years of restoration, a time in which more than 20 temporary performance venues needed to be used, the ensemble of the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre finally returns to the historic, now lustrously shining home-building. The opening-premiere on October 19th 2017 with Lehárs operetta The Merry Widdow could neither be more appropriate to the venue nor more adequate what concerns the repertory. The production will be under the baton of new principal-conductor Anthony Bramall and the stage-direction comes from Josef Köpplinger, the director of the company himself.

The inauguration-premiere means for Lucian Krasznec his first appearance at this theatre too, as he joined the Gärtnerplatz-ensemble only last season. The famous tenor-tune of the rosebud therefore opens his first season directly at the Gärtnerplatz, where his role-debuts as Lyonel in Flotow‘s Martha and as Baron Kronthal in Lortzing’s The Poacher will follow soon.
This way Lucian Krasznec succeeds legendary predecessors and great idols within their famous repertory.

More information concerning the re-opening of the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre
and concerning the new-production of Lehár’s The Merry Widdow 

Constanze, to see you again!

Lucian Krasznec is taking the part of Belmonte in Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio into his repertoire after three years again. Within the revival of the Gärtnerplatztheater-production performed at the Munich Cuvilliés-Theatre he can be witnessed performing this challenging Mozartian role opposite to Jennifer O’Loughlin as Constanze.

As having been the setting for the world-premiere of Idomeneo in 1781, the Cuvilliés-Theatre is the most authentic venue for the performance of a Mozart-opera in Munich. Disassembled and thus preserved shortly before the bombing of Munich in 1944, the Cuvilliés-Theatre became reinstalled within the newly rebuilt Munich Royal Residence in the 1950-ies. This way the Munich Baroque gem with Mozart-history survived.

Performances on  April 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th, 2017
Details concerning this revival

Precious pearl lifted

Highly acclaimed by both audience and media the Munich performances of Bizet’s opera Les pêcheurs de perles in concert or even more in semi-staged version were recently more overbooked than obviously anyone had expected. At this occasion, Lucian Krasznec received outstanding reviews for his stunning performance as Nadir (all published on January 19th resp. 20th 2017).  

The Süddeutsche Zeitung confirmed that he was “bewitching with much vocal brilliance and with poetic romance Je crois entendre encore”. The Abendzeitung found the spontaneous applause following this aria absolutely justified in which he “forged ahead to French lyricism which is characteristic of this genre.”  

Very much in detail the comment published by the Münchner Merkur: “Lucian Krasznec (Nadir) possesses both tenor-brilliance as well as sufficient punch for the high notes to effortlessly predominate in the main ensemble-scenes. He sings the exquisite aria as a real romance, lyrically and with a delicate voix mixte in the highest falsetto register.”  

Within the Bayerische Staatszeitung one can read of “stunning bravura” and the Mittelbayerische Zeitung says that Lucian Krasznec’s performance “disposes of youthful lyricism and substantial secure high-notes.” His Nadir “brims over with youthful fierce attitude revolting boldly against social constraints as well as against his own vow” noted  

The French repertory thus perfectly suits him. Nadir and already few months earlier Gounod’s Faust in Dortmund give way to new prospects.

Pearls of the French Romanticism

At the beginning of this season Lucian Krasznec successfully proved his qualification for the French repertory within the Dortmund new-production of Gounod’s opera Faust. Now his role-debut as Nadir in Bizet’s opera The Pearl Fishers is due to follow in Munich. Musical experts consider Nadir’s romance from this opera as the acme of the Romantic aria in French style full of delicacy and vocal refinement.

The performances of the piece in concert version are taking place at the Munich Reithalle (Heßstraße 132) starting on January 18th and 20th 2017 at 7.30 pm and on January 22nd already at 6.00 pm. The cast of the exotic triangular story is completed by Jennifer O’Loughlin and Mathias Hausmann.

At the conductor’s desk the versatile Sébastien Rouland making his Munich-debut.



Kick-off in Munich with Mozart

At the beginning of this season Lucian Krasznec has joined the ensemble of the Munich Gärtnerplatz-Theatre. His first appearance in Munich is concerning the part of Ferrando in Mozart’s Così fan tutte at the Cuvilliés-Theatre on November 20th (further performance on November 24th) 2016. The artist already performed this role previously in 2012 at his former regular theatre, the Dortmund Opera House, within a new-production and with great success. In Munich still to follow within the current season two further Mozart-challenges, Belmonte and Don Ottavio, as well as the role of Nadir in Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles (under the baton of Sébastien Rouland).

Details concerning the Munich production of Così fan tutte

Faust as a farewell to Dortmund

A very special new-production and an outstandingly special role-debut are the last points of Lucian Krasznec’s highly successful five years as a member of the Dortmund Opera ensemble. Before proceeding to Munich the tenor is taking over the title-role of Charles Gounod’s opera Faust for the first time ever at his previous home-theatre. He understands this part as a step into his future intense engagement within the French repertory which also includes the role of Nadir in Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles to follow in Munich still within the current season.

Gounod’s Faust again sees Lucian Krasznec’s ideal vis-à-vis Eleonore Marguerre as Marguerite at his side, the two of them having already been closely conjoined by outstandingly successful Dortmund-productions: Cosi fán tutte, L’incoronazione di Poppea, The Abduction from the Seraglio, Don Giovanni and La Traviata last season. The Dortmund Faust-opening is taking place on September 17th, 2016. You will find further information and all performance dates under this link

Commitment for the classical operetta

Lucian Krasznec already verified his eligibility for the difficult Light Muse several times and convincingly. The leading tenor-roles in standard operettas like Lehár’s The Tsarevitch and The Count of Luxemburg or The Gipsy Baron and Wiener Blut by Johann Strauß fitted perfectly to the young tenor as did a rarity such as Paul Abraham’s operetta Roxy and her Wonder Team in Dortmund. And now for the first time Carl Millöcker’s ballsy Beggar Student Symon Rymanowicz in the Vienna Volksoper new-production; both a role and a house debut!

“The works of the classical operetta should only be performed by those who vouch expressively for theses and who enjoy singing this music based on this commitment.” The great idol Nicolai Gedda advances this opinion which Lucian Krasznec also feels committed to. He will perform as Beggar Student at the Währinger Gürtel within the opening night on April 30th as well as within the subsequent performances on May 5th and June 3rd, 7th and 22nd, 2016.

Details concerning the Vienna Volksoper production

Video-Link (in German)

The first Verdi

Lucian Krasznec has fallen ill during the final rehearsals and therefore, unfortunately could not sing the opening night of the Dortmund La Traviata-production. His role-debut as Alfredo: December 6th, 2015

The complete Strauss

In line with the times of the 150th anniversary of Richard Strauss' birthday, the legendary Strauss singer Brigitte Fassbaender assembled a fine choice of singers who recorded the complete compositions of Richard Strauss for voice and piano on CD under her artistic guidance. Amongst the chosen singers of this large project is also Lucian Krasznec who had until then only sung the Italian Tenor in Rosenkavalier out of the Strauss repertoire. On the now available CD box, Strauss fans can listen to the complete Lieder by Strauss from his compositions of his early youth unto his last one, "Malven", that he composed at the age of 84. An artistic show of strength that Brigitte Fassbaender presents herself in a short documentary.

Documentary Richard Strauss Complete Works for Voice and Piano 1870-1948

Lucian Krasznec's participation of the Strauss-Box includes amongst others "Himmelsboten zu Liebchens Himmelbett"