Special Projects


A dialogue between Jean-Sebastien Bach and the Noh theater.

This concert-performance is a meeting between the Well-tempered Clavier of J. S. in essential apparitions, and thus offers to the public a rare opportunity to enter into the intimacy and fascinating variety of this great art form. Four masks, two masks of men and two masks of women, are worn by the same actor and interchanged on stage. Certain moments of the choreography are danced without mask, with or without the fan, at times with a sword, all of which allows us to grasp the great unity of Noh figures and to admire its powerful elegance. Thanks to the absence or quasi-absence of costumes, it is possible to perceive the subtleties of a most complex corporal science, otherwise hidden. Our programme also offers to music-lovers the pleasure to hear the Preludes and Fugues from the second Welltempered Clavier of J. S. Bach, which within this unique and audacious context appear to us anew and reveal an unexpected theatrical and emotional power.